Do It While Driving In Rainy Time

The rainy season is often a frightening specter for the novice rider, most beginner riders are still unfamiliar with the outside scenery because usually the sight of riders with streets is fairly thin and deceive, this will make it difficult for motorists to run their cars, including those who drive Range Rover that you can get in range rover hire and rental. When rain conditions, in addition to slippery, concentration is disrupted, also visibility becomes limited. Especially if you happen to drive a car at night, or indeed during the day but heavy rain makes the atmosphere becomes dark. Then this condition makes you also must be more careful in driving. Keeping the vehicle’s distance above the normal range becomes one of the right actions during driving when it rains. Let the car in front of you stay away about 6 seconds from your car, or beyond your visibility.

The car lamp when it rains so the media to detect the object that is in front of us as well as clarify the view of the rider. A safe way to drive a car when it rains is to make sure all the car’s lights are functioning properly. The lights that need to be checked are headlamps at the close and long distance, sign lights and emergency lights. All the lights have their own functions when it rains. The parts that must be checked are lampshades, whether in clean condition from dust and dirt or not because it can reduce its effectiveness. Then check the direction of the lights, for example, headlight to be more clear in the look around and others see your vehicle. Do not let the headlight that you use even interfere with the sight of other riders. When it rains, other riders and also you experience the same disorder.

In the rainy season, the streets are usually easily porous and damaged. While the road structure is usually also not always the same, increasingly to the edge more uneven and easily damaged. How to anticipate such road conditions is to avoid driving on the side edge of the road. The side of the road is lower than the middle of the road structure. When hit by rainwater and wet road conditions, often puddle of water especially if the rain is heavy. To avoid the puddle, select the middle part of the road because in this section is usually drier or not too deep puddle. To take the roadside while crossing the streets in wet conditions also has the potential to make your vehicle slip or fall off the road, especially if the road marker is not very clearly visible.

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