Maintaining the quantity and quality of your foreign language study

Learning the language must have many obstacles, and many aspects of language that can shriek someone’s guts. So, especially at the beginning of the lesson, it is important to put quality first in order to build a strong foundation, whereby in the future we can expand our knowledge in a language. It is important to focus on small portions of the material and learn it thoroughly from the beginning until you really understand. Apart from that, you may need to check out the Trinity college Glasgow if you must get the UK visa as soon as possible.

Here are some practical rules that you can use to guide:

Understand short or superficial texts or language units first. Long text or dialogue can cause you to be easily distracted.

Learn 1-3 times a day, periodically in fair division of time (for example, every 4 hours).

Arm yourself with a variety of skills. For example, when studying a simple tense grammar unit, learn from different perspectives (read, talk, listen).

Schedule your learning period effectively. Avoid studying at times that are risky for you to be distracted – if you are easily drowsy in the afternoon and easier to be inspired in the middle of the night, why not exchange your schedule occasionally?

Focus on study time. Thirty minutes of a one-language intensive learning period is 10 times more effective than two-hour “multitasking” for two languages at once (or working on a language unit that you think is boring or too difficult).

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