Things you must know about a smartphone before you buy it

Now this smartphone circulating in Asia have different operating system or OS from Android, Windows phone, iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian and others, for now the most popular and widely used smartphone in Asia today is android smartphone, if you want to buy android smartphone try to choose android with the latest os version, for now, the latest version of os android is android Lolipop or android version 5.0. Meanwhile, you may also need to check out the mobile phone wholesale online.

then the smartphone with os windows phone is a computer is made to be more mobile if my you likes to look decent pc with a more mini version/mobile is not wrong if my you choose, and make buddy who has budget or more money and wants smartphone that looks classy iPhone to be one of the right choices, for my you who likes to chat or social media I suggest to choose blackberry.

Choose a brand or brand

Make sure my you chose a brand that my you believe has a good quality that has a service center that many or close to where you live because if something happens can be handled faster and make sure that the spare parts are also available a lot, and if my you likes to replace, buy more smartphone chooses the brand into consideration because many people are prioritizing brands in compare features available.

Select a smartphone to adjust the price

This is very important because many people do not care about this, a lot of people who buy a smartphone with a high price and high specs whereas in everyday use only features that can be used with a low-end smartphone though, for example, is social media, chatting, browsing and proper use.

Smartphone performance

Customize choosing a smartphone that has a performance that suits your needs, for example gamers like gaming means you have to choose a smartphone with a fairly high spec in the Cpu, Ram, and GPU, and if my you likes to social media or chat make sure smartphones who want to have a Ram at least 1GB let me run smoothly.