Tips to Analyze the Potential Market Opportunity

It is impossible for you to build a business and then immediately earn a big income because everything takes time and process. If they are not satisfied with the results obtained after using your products or services, then be prepared they will give you a bad review that harms your business forward. To be able to analyze market opportunity in Indonesia, you can try these ways out!

– Request Approach

One of the best ways to find out the condition or potential of a particular market share is to approach the demand. This method emphasizes the human needs that until now still can not be fully fulfilled or may have been fulfilled but the results are less satisfactory.

– Bid approach

There is a demand approach and there is also an offer approach. To approach this offer begins with the ability of an entrepreneur in producing a good, providing services both services and products and other activities. From here you will start looking for a market that needs it. Here you must understand exactly the wishes and trends that are in force in the community. Before doing a business, should you know whether people’s purchasing power for your business will be aligned? Can they afford it? How is your product quality with that kind of similar products?

– Observe the most desirable needs

Before creating or creating a product, you should know and observe the needs that most consumers need around. For example daily necessities such as groceries or toiletries. Surely this is a major requirement for the community.

– When they need the product

The time when the people need the product is also very important because if you sell the product when the time is not right, then the consumer will not be interested and you will not get a profit. For example, you sell umbrellas in summer. Although some people buy it sales will not be as good as the rainy season.